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Ever pondered the moral and ethical implications of your tax dollars funding military activities? This intriguing course delves deep into the concept of war tax resistance, an act of civil disobedience where individuals refuse to pay taxes that contribute to military expenditures. Throughout the sessions, participants will explore the historic roots of this movement, the various methods of resistance utilized over time, and the complex legal and philosophical questions that arise. We'll unpack the reasons why some choose this form of protest and the societal and personal consequences they face, drawing upon influential texts, legal cases, and real testimonials from tax resisters.

Unlock a unique perspective on how individuals can influence government policy and promote pacifism through fiscal decisions. You'll not only gain a thorough understanding of the arguments for and against war tax resistance but also learn about its impact on public spending and its role as a powerful statement against warfare. By the end of this course, you'll be equipped with the knowledge to evaluate the practice's effectiveness and consider its application in current socio-political contexts. If you're interested in the crossroads of activism, ethics, and finance, this course will provide you with fascinating insights and encourage critical thinking about the role our financial contributions play on the global stage.

What you will learn

Starting from a deep understanding of both the historical and ethical complexities surrounding the choice to resist paying war taxes, I've meticulously structured this course to unfold in a way that's accessible, no matter where you're starting from. Every module is carefully designed to take you on a thought-provoking journey through the practical and philosophical aspects of this form of protest. I'm confident that you'll find the content not only enlightening but also incredibly well organized, which will help you navigate these tough questions with confidence. You're going to come out of this with a solid grasp of the arguments for and against, the associated risks and legalities, and perhaps most importantly, a clearer understanding of where you stand on this issue.


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With a comprehensive background in both finance and social activism, I, Evolved Finance, have spent years exploring the intersection of economics and ethical resistance. My expertise lies in dissecting the complexities of tax systems and their impacts on societal structures, particularly in the context of war funding. This unique combination of interests and knowledge has not only allowed me to guide others through the intricacies of war tax resistance but also to critically evaluate the economic frameworks that support militaristic endeavors.

My passion for teaching the course "Big Questions About War Tax Resistance" stems from a deep-seated commitment to conscientious objection and financial responsibility. Having been involved with numerous workshops and educational programs on the topic, I bring a nuanced understanding of how individuals can challenge and change the fiscal status quo. This course is the culmination of years of research, dialogue, and personal experience, aimed at empowering students to make informed, ethical decisions about their financial complicity in warfare. My engagement with students is driven by the belief that thoughtful discourse and targeted action can contribute meaningfully to the pursuit of a more just and peaceful society.


Steadfast Principles in the Face of Conflict


Seeking Answers in the Ethics of Financial Defiance


The Impact of Civil Disobedience on Societal Change