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Hello beautiful! Welcome to Business Coven (Formerly Business Basics for Not-so-Basic Business Babes).

I created this workshop to hold a holistic, non-shaming space for healers and creatives to take a break from focusing on how we can be of service in order to put that focus fully on how we can manage the income that comes as a result of our efforts. Managing our money well will reduce anxiety and allow us to be more present with our selves, our communities, and our clients. I believe that independent hustlers deserve to get the knowledge they need to create structure in their business finances and implement it without compromising their values.

Thank you so much for allowing me to hold this space for you to open up and receive the information you need to strengthen your money muscles. I hope this workshop can fortify the structure you need to find support in your moves towards financial stability and growth.

Please check out the Release Those Worries worksheet and fill it out before beginning the videos, if it feels right to you. This worksheet is designed to free up some mental and psychic space in order to allow you to more freely absorb the information in the course. Feel free to use it just the first time you start the course or to use it over and over as you come back to watch all the sections or review videos to reinforce the concepts. Or never ever use it at all! Do what you feel!

This workshop is yours to use as you need and want, so feel free to watch it again in a few months to revisit the concepts from a different vantage point. This is a great way to notice progress you will have made, and remind your self of concepts you still want to develop.

Blessings on Your Growth,
Jessie Susannah

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